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Classic Ricardo Kaka

Classic Ricardo Kakà by RedBlackEagle

Pepe with a fractured rib, 3 weeks out

After contact with Raul Garcia, Madrid defender had great difficulty in breathing while staying a few minutes on the field.

Real Madrid lost for about 3 weeks Portuguese defender Pepe, who was injured in the challenge of returning against Atletico Madrid. Pepe  suffered a rib injury during the second half leaving the country Frenchman Varane and according to the result of analysis, it has suffered a rib fracture which will force him to stand for about 20 days away from the green fields.

After contact with Raul Garcia, Madrid defender had great difficulty in breathing while staying a few minutes on the field. Immediately after the game he was transported to hospital where he will stay for 48 hours under the care of doctors to avoid further complications. At the press conference, coach Ancelotti said after the collision, Pepe has felt a lot of pain and club initially doubted for a more serious injury. The Portuguese will return to coaching after a few days but according to doctors, it can be available to the Italian coach after only 3 weeks.

The Kubas shocking confession: I was a witness when the father killed the mother

The start was not easy and the Polish player admits that after the tragic event has struggled.

It is not easy to discover a way to escape but if requires, always finds one. This better than anyone knows Polish midfielder Jakub Blaszczykowski, who has decided to publish the autobiography of his life where there are also some dark moments of his life. "Cuba" which is the title of the book, has experienced hell at the age of 10 years where his father struck mother. Interviewed by "Die Welt", Blaszczykowski says:

"This year, now 30 years old and I have a long experience on the shoulder. To write the book has helped many a Polish journalist. The book will be released in the market during May. There reveal all my life, even when I was witness mother's murder committed by my father ".

Before Euro 2012 Cuba confessed for the first time history, but this time focus on the details.

"It is not easy because it is an event that will not never forget. That day changed my life but I want to emphasize that made me stronger. I am facing very serious problems in my life, which people others may see it as a tragedy. I know that any bad thing that can happen, will not be worse than what happened to me. "

  The rinisej was not easy and the Polish player admits that after the tragic event has struggled.

"By the age of 16 was only 155 cm tall but suddenly I reached 20 cm. I left all and for many years did not invite people home".

At the end of the interview he focuses on life as a footballer, considering themselves lucky.

"Football is the thing I love more in this world because it gives me great emotions. I am pleased that knee hurts not after many physical problems and now I want to help as many friends and team. I am confident that we will come out this crisis "

There is no chord Reus-Real Madrid

Manager 25-year-old football player Dirk Hebel categorically denied rumors that speak to his client over the Santiago Bernabeu.

There is nothing really for a possible transfer of Marco Reus to Real Madrid. In an interview with German media manager 25-year-old football player Dirk Hebel categorically denied rumors that speak to his client over at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Reus has a clause removing that amounts to 25 million Euros from Borussia Dortmund and in recent days the Spanish El Confidencial portal has indicated that it reached accord on the transfer of German bombers Los Blancos next summer even by El Confidencial, Marco Reus from contracts that will sign with royal club will benefit about 7 million per season. But according to the manager of soccer these are completely baseless news Dirk Hebel even insist that there is no accord reached between his client and club champion Europe.

Ronaldo spat Bale after elimination from the Cup ?!

The daily "Sport", historically close to Barcelona, announces that it has had an episode of tension between Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.

It seems that the sudden silence at the Bernabeu has finished, or at least pretend so Catalan media. Eliminating the '' Los Blancos' King's Cup in phase 1/8-s face Atletico Madrid, made in the dressing room to begin discussions between the players. As we have commented many Spanish journalists numbers across social networks, Florentino Perez has described his team's image as '' ridiculous '' face Atletico Madrid playing with a single goal, the qualification.

  The daily "Sport", historically close to Barcelona, announces that it has had an episode of tension between Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. Portuguese nervous again with Gareth Bale because the latter again showed his individuality in the game. Bale  unlike other times not lowered head, but against Cristianos replicate the angry and the two have a fight by raising their voices to each other. Sport claims as to report this incident Portugal can not accept the fact that Real had to eliminate the King's Cup exactly when he presented the Bernabeu-third to Golden Ball to the dressing room and spoke in a highly .

Click Here.
However Cristiano has left everything happened in the dressing room telling reporters optimistic and noted that it was a step Cup, now Real Madrid will make two steps forward, referring to the La Liga and Champions League.

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Bastian Schweinsteiger suggests he’s done with Sarah Brandner by blacking out her name on his boots

Bayern Munich star Bastian Schweinsteiger appears to have chosen a strange way to make it known that his relationship with Sarah Brandner is over.
Brandner, the 26-year-old German model, was alongside Schweini as Germany won the World Cup in Brazil, but soon after rumours began filtering out that the pair had gone their separate ways.
Although neither side has ever spoken publicly about ending the relationship, recent weeks have seen Schweinsteiger getting very close to tennis star Ana Ivanovic, with the Bayern man having gone to Australia to watch her in action.
Now a new twist in the tale has been spotted.
Bayern are currently in Qatar during the winter break, and Schweinsteiger was seen wearing Nike boots in training with ‘Sarah’ written on the side earlier in the week.
However, when Bayern played a friendly on Tuesday, Schweinsteiger had put a black marker pen over his former partner’s name in what is being taken as a sign that the pair are truly done.
See the pictures of Schweini’s boots below.

Carlo Ancelotti talks about Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona to join Real Madrid

Of all the possible transfers which Lionel Messi could make if he were to leave Barcelona, undoubtedly the most controversial decision would be to join Cristiano Ronaldo at rivals Real Madrid.
And yet, while that seems like a complete non sequitur, the ever gossipy Spanish media are now floating that possible move in public.
Messi in Madrid was discussed on a Spanish TV show this week (see above), while Carlo Ancelotti was asked about a potential move for Messi in his Wednesday presser.
The Italian coach told reporters:
[Would Real like Messi?] I believe so yes,. Although you must bear in mind that Cristiano is the emblem of Real Madrid, and Messi of Barcelona.
Each one has their own team and their own history, but to have both in the same team would be a great thing for us. It is, however, difficult to think it is going to change.
Let the speculation continue!

Ronaldo & Messi feature in football legends Selfie by Marca, but who is missing?

In the wake of the Ballon d’Or gala on Monday, Marca have produced a wonderful picture.
Effectively, Marca are suggesting, and its difficult to argue, that Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the pantheon of greats.
So, Ronaldo joins Alfredo di Stéfano (in the background) alongside from left to right, Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, Pele, Marco Van Basten and Franz Beckenbauer.
And then in the front row is Johan Cruyff, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.
As Marca write, Messi and Ronaldo now have a VIP pass into the football legends arena.
But, who is missing?
For example, the likes of Ronaldo (the Brazilian), Ronaldinho, Eusebio, George Best, Garrincha and Bobby Charlton surely all have a claim?

Man City linked with signing Barcelona’s Lionel Messi for £480 million

Wilfried Bony for £32 million, and now Lionel Messi for £480 million?!
The day after Manchester City splashed out a massive amount of money – yet again – to sign Ivory Coast international Bony form Swansea, The Sun float the never-gonna-happen story that Lionel Messi could leave FC Barcelona for the Etihad.
Fuelled by days of speculation that all is not right for Messi at the Camp Nou, the red-top twists Manuel Pellegrini’s latest comments in a presser to claim the Argentine could possibly join the Sky Blues.
For the record, the Chilean manager actually said:
It is normal that clubs with the capacity to buy are linked with the best players on the market. Often these rumours come from personal interests, and not from the club. There is nothing in that way concrete in this case.
Right. Moving on…

Irina Shayk’s PR people say she was ‘too busy’ for the Ballon d’Or amid Cristiano Ronaldo split talk

Have Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo really parted ways?
The internet was awash with chatter that the Real Madrid superstar and his stunning Russian supermodel girlfriend had split this week, following Shayk’s no-show at the Ballon d’Or event in Zurich.
Not only did Irina not attend the event, which she was present for 12 months earlier, but the Russian beauty had noticeably failed to credit her man on any social media platform on his achievement following the event. On the other hand, the model had found time to post a picture of a coconut on social media in the past few days.
In addition, Cristiano failed to mention Irina in his acceptance speech, while it was also discovered the while Ronaldo was following the beauty on Twitter, Irina Shayk was not following Cristiano back.
So, was it all a coincidence? Or have the power couple split? spoke to Irina Shayk’s New York based PR company, and they prised the following quotes from the middle men:
[The Ballon d'Or] didn’t fit in with her schedule – it was because of work commitments. We have no further comment to make.
The mystery continues…

Back Real Madrid to beat Atletico Madrid at massive odds of 7/2!!!

The best team in the world have it all to do against city neighbours Atletico as they bid to stay in the Copa del Rey, which they won last season.
Real Madrid famously beat Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final in 2014, mainly thanks to a “roadrunner” wonder goal from Gareth Bale.
Carlo Ancelotti’s side are though in serious danger of being dumped out the competition by Diego Simeone’s side on Thursday having lost 2-0 at the Vicente Calderon last week.

The UAE’s Ali Ahmed Mabkhout scores the fastest goal in Asian Cup history v Bahrain [Video]

The fastest goal in the history of the Asian Cup was recorded on Thursday as the United Arab Emirates beat Bahrain 2-1 to advance to the quarterfinals.
The game was only 14 seconds old when  Ali Ahmed Mabkhout fired the UAE in front.
Bahrain started the match from the kick-off, but after three passes they were robbed of possession and the UAE were in.
Omar Abdulrahman clipped a superb ball over the top of Bahrain’s defence and Mabkhout calmly controlled it with his right foot before slotting past goalkeeper Sayed Abbas with his left.
It was Mabkhout’s third goal of the Asian Cup, making him the tournament’s top scorer.
See the goal above.

Man United suspend European scout over racist comments on Facebook

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal probably has enough on his plate after another underwhelming performance at home to Southampton this weekend.
His scouts are on a mission to bring him a world class centre back this January.
One of Manchester United’s European scouts, Torben Aakjaer, has been suspended after he was found making racist comments on Facebook by the Guardian.
He described a mosque as a “conspiracy-potential prayer-shop” and wants Denmark to close its borders and put “extra personnel on every crossover and exit so all that eastern Europe dirt and sh** can be kept out.”
Aakjaer has worked for Man United since 2011, having previously been at Hamburg, and regularly visits United’s training ground to discuss potential signings. His Facebook account also contains other derogatory references to eastern Europeans, a message of support for the right-wing Dansk Folkeparti’s views about border control and a photograph of six pigs with a caption: “It’s time to deploy our secret weapons against Islamists.”
Another post appears to take pleasure from a newspaper story of someone pouring water over a beggar’s head in his base of Copenhagen. One user questions Aakjaer’s stance and is told by the scout: “You must be too integrated in the red Copenhagen mafia if you don’t think all that eastern Europe dirt and sh** needs a kick in the behind over the border. Yes, in cases like this I do generalise. This is not a hard-working Polish guy on a building site or a Czech taxi driver. This is hardcore gypsies from Romania, Bulgaria etc. And here no mercy should be shown. I don’t approve of violence but a glass of water hurts nobody.”

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Juventus only the top

Juventus Napoli revenged the loss in Super Cup by defeating the home fans at the San Paolo with the result 3-1.
The first half did not produce many occasions for both teams, while the Bianconieri plugged with lead.

Paul Pogba accepted a ball back from Llorente and magically sent to the network (29 ').

After a corner lifted by Mertens, the ball went to Miguel Angel Britos, who did not wait and the score (64 ').

A curve of Pirlo hosted on Martin Caceres area, to convert lead the Old Lady.

And while locals trying to equalize the score, the sample scored the third goal. Arturo Vidal was executor (90 '+ 4).

This victory restores from three-point lead Juventus against Rome, in the race for the Scudetto.

Meanwhile, Naples is in fourth place, with a point less than Lazio holds leading position in the Champions League.

Super Arsenal, unstoppable Sanchez

Arsenal has scored victory at home against Stoke City with the result 3-0.
  The match started with a high intensity game by locals who immediately put the first minutes.

Sanchez was one assistance was used well by Kosicalny, which Arsenal took the lead after six minutes.

In 33 minutes he was Alexis Sanchez who scored his goal after fantastic game that has emerged from the first minute to 2-0.

In the second start was Alexis Sanchez (49 ') he again scored the 3-0 and the final result. The 12th goal and seven assists in 17 games Sanchez - simply fantastic.

At the end of the meeting also involved Ozil, who returned from his lack of injury.

With this victory Arsenal has 36 points in fifth place, 13 points behind leader Chelsea.

Beating between players and between fans (Video)

Coping between Grasshopperit and Darmstadtit in 'Frankfurt Cup 2015', there was no normal flow. Swiss team players and the German are brawling among themselves after a challenge, while clashes started in the tribunes, transmits voice. After this fight, Grasshopper fans have started throwing beer bottles Darmstadtit fans. Police had to intervene to stop the violence, while 200 Swiss fans were forced fell leave the hall.

Once registered thousandth victory, Federrer: It's a special moment!

Roger Federer has become only the third tennis player in the world that has achieved record of 1,000 career victories.
The Swiss defeated Milos Raonic in the final of the Brisbane International (6-4, 6-7, 6-4), to record this record.

Simultaneously, this was the title of the 83's in the 33-year-old career and with this victory means that since 2001, he has won at least one title each year.

"It's a special moment, no doubt about it."

"I played more tennis over the years ... So I reach the 1000 victory means a lot to me and will never forget this confrontation," said Federer.

This is the player who is leaving the shadow Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was he who held the lead in the two previous editions in France's Ligue 1 with his supergoal , but now he has remained in the shadow of the splendor of Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette.
Lacazette is righteous one for the return of Lyon at the top of the Ligue 1 table, having scored 19 goals in 20 games. French striker stands with his penetration and speed, as recently has become the obsession of every French defender.

It has overshadowed the major football stars, as Zlatan Ibrahimovic (8 goals), Edinson Cavani (7). Follow the following video to learn more about him and his abilities that have driven the great interest of Manchester City to transfer this super-striker.

Barca do not know who is the champion (Video)

Barcelona won the top match of the 18th week in La Liga by defeating champion Atletico Madrid at the Camp Nou with the result 3-1. A fantastic first half of the host team, which managed to achieve two goals. Messi spent his markers and followed to Suarez, who quickly sent the ball and Brazilian Neymar scored for Barca lead (12 '). The second goal was the product of Leo Messi, who came to the area and assisted the Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan was accurate (35 '). In the second faction penalty was awarded in favor of the sample, and it's caused by Messi. Mario Mandzukic took responsibility and was accurate from njëmbëdhjetëmetërshi (57 '). In the end it was the moment of Lionel Messi to score his goal in the match, which gave much (87 '). Barcelona has a point less than Real Madrid, who have a game in less developed. Atletico Madrid remain four points behind the leader and three behind Barca.

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CAS receives appeals Albania and Serbia

Sports Arbitration Court in Lausanne reports that have reached the requirements of both Federation  seeking appeal the decision of UEFA and UEFA Appeals for the match on 14 October n &

Court of Arbitration in Sport announced this Thursday that has officially taken on appeal assay Albanian Football Federation and the Serb for events occurring in Belgrade on October 14, where the meeting was interrupted at the end of the first half due to the entry of fans the local area and violence against redblack players. Through a press CAS  announced that both parties have filed their appeal for the decision of the Appeals Committee of UEFA on December 2, that was a confirmation of the same decision taken by the government discipline  European football.

Football Federation and Serbian request to the Court of Arbitration Sport in Lausanne their review of the case and the reduction or abolition of commission  of Appeals of UEFA. Cas does not know an exact date when it will be officially considered the issue of match Serbia and Albania, but its communicate states that currently do not make any additional comment on this appeal.

How much cost Messi if chelsea want to buy.

This is the figure that must spend in total London club to pay departure from Barcelona clause of 250 million Euros.

Chelsea already know how much it would cost the purchase of Lionel Messi. As his edition provides tabloid "The Sun", the Argentine has announced the English club during contacts carried out in these last days of his economic claims and total cost of operation for his purchase in order to leave "Camp Nou "and play the" Stamford Bridge ". The figure is as high as the risk of dizzy, full 500 million pounds to make the European currency converted to Euro 639 million.

This is the figure that must spend in total London club to pay departure from Barcelona clause of 250 million Euros, the salary of soccer throughout the duration of the contract and the additional costs of operation. According to reports in the British media in London offered Messi a contract of six seasons with a net salary exceeding 20 million Euros per year.

"The Sun" also adds that Manchester City is informed about the cost of the operation, while also quotes an anonymous source from within the club of Barcelona, which has ensured that Messi intends to leave the Catalan club because he is tired of the episodes disliked taking place at the club which make almost impossible for him to find a solution to get out of this situation

Fabregas: I'm not intercede buying Chelsea Messi

London midfielder blue ', which is known for its close relationship with the family and even the Argentine striker.

Cesc Fabregas categorically denies reports that he is mediating the transfer of Lionel Messi to Chelsea. London midfielder blue ', which is known for its close relationship with the family and even the Argentine striker, insists he has nothing to do with the possible interest of the team of Roman Abramovich, even feels anxious that his name mentioned by the media.

"I tease very fact that I said that mediate negotiations for the purchase of Chelsea Messi. I do not deal with these things, I'm just a footballer. I doubt the authenticity of everything said about Luis Enriquen and Messi. Leo is a guy too quiet and I have not seen such nothing in three years on this team. He is happy at Barcelona, but the club is happy with it. "

Does not believe the crisis of Barcelona or Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas, who is convinced that Lionel Messi will stay in Katalunjë, regardless of what comes to the possible transfer of 27-year-old Chelsea. Real Madrid goalkeeper in a press conference also added that Madrid would not need Messi, even if they would have the option to buy four times winner of the golden ball.

Arsenal does not need Isco, says Wenger

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal did not need players like Isco Real Madrid after his club already has many strikers.
Londoners reported that they were ready to dump to buy the Spanish midfielder and are looking for goalkeeper Petr Cech.

"No, we are not involved in the case ISCO" said Wenger Time passes.

"Except we have creative players. We lack in defense, not attack. "

"We have many players attack. The cause of this we left Podolski and now will also leave Sanogo. There will attack the player buy ", he added.

Liverpool interested in Ter Stegen

German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen can be transferred in the Premier League, Liverpool exactly.
Coach Brendan Rodgers is not satisfied at all on the goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and thinking to find his replacement.

This has prompted the British media to speculate about potential gatekeepers that can reach at Anfield, the "Daily Star" who writes that Germany may be the number one next reds.

Ter Stegen is not happy in Barcelona, as it is not the first choice of coach Enrique, and this can affect the removal of the keeper of the "Camp Nou"

Casillas: Ancelotti better than Mourinho

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas believes that Carlo Ancelotti is a coach better than Jose Mourinho.
Casillas had bad relations with the Portuguese when he was in the direction of Los Blancos from 2010 to 2013. However, the Spaniard says he has no problem to shake hands with Mourinho, if they meet in the future.

"Ancelotti is better than Mourinho. With Mourinho had a love-hate relation," said Casillas for Cope, reports Telegraph.

"During his time here I do not talk to her when I was in the same room, not that I think we should talk now that he is the manager of another team and I'm on my team."

"This is some selfish and cowardly to me. I wish all the best to him. During the time when he was at Real Madrid, he won titles and you should be grateful ".

"If we meet on the street tomorrow, I will lay my hand, then will belong to him if he would last. I think he would shake his hand, "he added.

Cavani and Verratti in exchange for Pogba?

Juventus is reportedly open to give Paul Pogban team Paris Saint-Germain in exchange Edinson Cavani duo and Marco Verratti.
French midfielder is one of the most valued players in the squad, with the Bianconeri who reportedly refused to offer 100 million.

But Italian media write that Pogba could PSG offered as part of a swap deal that would enable the two other players, Cavani and Verratti, moving in reverse.

Speculate that a possible deal would allow Cavani arrive on loan initially, with the option to purchase during the summer.

Meanwhile Verrati, which is connected with you a long time, would arrive in June, when Pogba will be passed in the French capital, and when the deal will close.

New offer for Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli is flooded with offers, and more serious champions come from Greece, Olympiacos.
Multiple champions Greece, Olympiacos have taken very seriously the transfer of Mario Balotelli.

According to 'TMW' white Reds after being refused the offer of the first with 2.5 million euros a year for Super Mario, now raised it.

Offer young Greecs is 3.5 million euros per year for Balotelli, with a four-year contract.

Although Italian is not passing moments of his best at Liverpool, hard to believe that the Greece  championship will choose to continue career.

UEFA announces the formation of year

House largest football in Europe, UEFA has published the best lineup of the year we are leaving behind.
For this formation have bent over eight million voters, and finally selected the best formation, reports Telegraph.

Most players have Bayern Munich with four, and Real Madrid with three, while presented with a Barcelona player, Atletico Madrid, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

Unfortunately in this lineup is not any player from Serie A Italian.

This is the formation of the Year:
Manuel Neuer
Sergio Ramos
Philip Lahm
David Alaba
Diego Godin
Arjen Robben
Angel Di Maria
Toni Kroos
Cristiano Ronaldo
Lionel Messi
Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Do you think that is fair?

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crazy idea! Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Roma?

The Swedish daily "Aftonbladet", analyzing the variations of the last season of Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Paris Saint Germain due to damage, advises  to change the atmosphere being away from Paris, and even gives advice to potential destination, suggesting Rome in Serie A.

According to the newspaper, the Italian capital would be an ideal place to close Ibrën career as Serie A's burrëroi and there fans have always loved. But not only that, since according to Scandinavian newspaper, Francesco Totti has always had great respect for him.

"Aftonbladet" categorically excludes Premier League as an opportunity to Ibrën after British championship would have been an ideal place for 6 or 7 years ago but not now at the age of 33.

While according to Italian media, if Ibrahimovic comes to Rome then to Paris Saint Germain will Daniele De Rossi went

Exchange Rami-Chicharito

Manchester United's Javier Hernandez hopes to use for the transfer of Adil Rami from Milan.
Chicharito is loaned to Real Madrid, but the Red Devils want to reinforce the defensive phase and are interested in the French defender, reports the Daily Star.

On the other hand, want to transfer Rossoneri striker Fernando Torres after borrowing to Atletico Madrid.

Rami is footballer Milan from January this year when he was transferred from Valencia.

Chelsea offered € 127m for Bale, Real Madrid does not want to hear

Real Madrid rejected Chelsea bid £ 100 million (127 million euros) for Gareth Bale, British media reported.
Welshman has been linked with a possible return to the Premier League, just 15 months after leaving Tottenham Hotspur in a world record transfer to the Bernabeu.

Manchester United has been mentioned as a possible new destination player while under various reports, it is said that the Spanish giants goalkeeper David de Gea want as part of the deal, reports Time.

It is believed that the United is preparing an offer of 100 million pounds, but their rivals in the league already been rejected last week.

For Bale dismissing a clause exists of one billion euros.

Bayern need a Ronaldo

Real Madrid is the favorite to win the Champions League again because Bayern Munich does not have a level player Cristiano Ronaldo - says Christoph Metzelder.
Bavarians and Los Blancos are considered favorites to win the big trophy this season, but the former German defender thinks that kings have the advantage over Bundesligas sample, transmits Telegraph.

"Bayern simply does not have a player like Ronaldo".

"If both teams face again this year, Guardiola will understand that it is a personal challenge," said Metzelder for Kicker.

We recall that in the previous edition, Madrid outraged beating Bayern overall score of 5-0 in the semifinals.

Leipzig requires borrowing of Dionis Avdijaj

Avdijaj, in fact, considered a player with a secure future by Shalkes leaders, who have put a clause fat

The talent of Schalke 04, Dionysius Avdijaj expected to Rb Leipzig lent in the second German Bundesliga. 18-year-old Albanian origin, which is being watched very closely by coach Gianni De Biasi Albania, liked many of the leaders of the club formed just four years ago, but attempts to ascend to the elite of German football next season . Avdijaj, in fact, considered a player with a secure future by Schalke  leaders, who have put a clause of fat for teams wishing footballer services.

At the moment the club managers based Gelsenkirschen have clear Avdijaj can not play immediately in the first team, to have placed agreed to lend to a team that ensures the space in the lineup. The boy Albanian origin is not passing quiet moments to Schalke, so a split squad disconnect parent is seen as the best option possible to make those qualities could not feature in recent months.

Mancini: I am not angry with Cerci

Nerazzuri Society remains concerned in particular about the two names, Lucas Podolski and Lasana Diarra.

Roberto Mancini has not left any mortgage on the issue çerçi with Inter Milan footballer who escaped from the hands to move to rivals Milan.

"Cerci? I am not frustrated and follow as many other players but to no treaties had never started a true".

So Inter Milan coach commented summer transfer window operation from Marrakesh where nerazuri are collected on the eve of the friendly match with Paris Saint Germain.

"It would be best pregatitemi for the second phase, - assured Inter adding technician - as regards summer transfer window, are always looking for two players to arms as we most need it."

Nerazzuri Society remains concerned in particular about the two names, Lucas Podolski and Lasana Diarra. | Podolski is part of the list of players to follow, - confirmed Mancini who added that Lasana Diarra is a pretty neat player who can do the job Inter.